Solar Energy

Freedom From Power Cut !

Power Conditioning Units

PPS Enviro Power started its commercial operations with sola manufacturing energy producing device – Solar Power Conditioning Units – offering its customers to set up solar PV based ower generating plants. Over a decade since inception, PPS Enviro Power has gone from strength to strength – most important being the retention of its loyal customers.

PPS Enviro Power manufactures both standard and custom built products for its customers. The standard offering includes Inverters with built-in chargers from 350 VA to 120kva for the off-grid market. The 5kva and upward capacity products are again available in two variants .

Grid Support conditioners or Grid Standalone Inverters which works along with sources such as battery, grid, solar and ensures the load is fed in a bump-less manner while switching between the various sources.

Grid Connected Inverters – which converts DC to AC and export the energy generated thus to grid to which it is tied.

The next product variant is a Hybrid inverters which are again capable of working with Generator and combine its operation with that of Solar, Grid and battery in order to feed load. it determines as to which source to use for feeding the load connected and also charging battery in case of low battery state.

  • PPS Enviro Power constantly improves its product offerings to keep itself updated with the latest.
  • Changes are on the anvil in the areas of communication, historical data access through Sequel Server located at our premises.
  • “PPS Enviro Power has already launched its latest small product offering to the market. Branded as the PV –UP – P series and E series, the 350VA to 3.2 kVA range is aimed at domestic market (E- series) and Industrial/commercial markets (P-Series).”