About Us

Our Company is...

... regarded as a leading player in the renewable energy space with focus on creating and sustaining a balanced portfolio of product, services and assets across wind and solar energy space.

Established as a privately held business in 2002, we have a distinguished track record for delivering world class solutions to our clients across the solar and wind energy space. We provide engineering solutions, products and services to solar and wind energy developers.

We are owned and managed by a team of dedicated professional with decades of industry experience in development and commercialization of renewable energy products, projects and services. We are committed in making renewable energy a reliable and economic source of power for every day use.

Our Company Mission

To Develop, Deliver, Operate and Maintain innovative energy generation and management solutions that supply Clean, Reliable, Efficient and Economic Electrical Energy from Renewable energy sources.

Quality Policy

Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction by design and manufacturing, sales and service of consistent quality products at competitive prices by meeting the customer delivery schedules in the growing renewable energy space.