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Static Power Pack

Where cost per KWhr matters...

The “Static Power Pack - SPP” is designed to operate as a multi-function power conditioning system utilises high performance microprocessors which integrate real time system control and SCADA Monitoring.

The “SPP” module generates high quality sine wave mains type voltages and supports bidirectional operation; ie, drawing AC power from the genset and converting it to DC battery charge current or the reverse (the conversion of DC to AC mains voltage).

The inverter module can operate in parallel with either single or dual Diesel Generators with the power to the load being supplied by the DG Set and possibly also the inverter depending on the level of the site load and availability of solar/wind resources. The inverter supports high peak,short duration loads while the DG Set maintains the base site load.

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Static Power Pack Series !!

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Salient Features

  • High Effiency Inverter
  • High input voltage - upto 440 V
  • Full Automatic Operation
  • No break transfer to Load
  • Integrated Solar Charge Controller
  • High surge capability
  • Efficient thermal management
  • Optional remote monitoring facility
  • Built in electronic protection



  • Office Environment
  • Telecom & professional installations
  • Fuel Stations
  • Rural electrification
  • Banking institutes/ATMs
  • Farm houses & remote properties