PV-UP Inverter Charger

Efficient And Reliable Energy Solution..!

Where cost per KWhr matters...

The PV-UP series Inverter from PPS Enviro Power is a DSP based intelligent inverter/charger with an integrated high efficiency charge controller, advanced control and protection features. PV-UP inverter Charger provides reliable, efficient, cost effective solution for back up power applications. It is a fully integrated plug and play unit easy to install, maintain and operate.

There are three variations in this product. The PV-UP E series(Economic) is suitable for home or domestic applications that can accomodate loads upto 350 VA where as the P-series (Premium) is tailor made for industrial and commercial applications to take up loads upto 3200 VA.

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PV - UP Series !!

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Salient Features

  • High Effiency Inverter
  • High input voltage - upto 440 V
  • Full Automatic Operation
  • No break transfer to Load
  • Integrated Solar Charge Controller
  • High surge capability
  • Efficient thermal management
  • Optional remote monitoring facility
  • Built in electronic protection



  • Office Environment
  • Telecom & professional installations
  • Fuel Stations
  • Rural electrification
  • Banking institutes/ATMs
  • Farm houses & remote properties