Project Overview


- Nomad


- 2013

We understand the challenges facing business today. We believe that managing your energy should not be one of them. Choosing PPS Enviro as your energy supplier is an ideal way to reduce your carbon emissions at no extra cost or effort.
We are a fast growing supplier and generator of renewable energy. 100% of our energy is generated from renewable sources.

The highlights of our Solutions and Support system are:

We have products to suit your business needs irrespective of your size. We have a dedicated sales team to help find the product best tailored to your business requirements.

Switching Process

Switching to our supply is hassle free. The process we follow is quite simple.
While the change over to our supply is a three step simple procedure as stated above, we also ensure that

  • There need be no changes to the customer’s premises. The customer can continue to use the same meters and wires.
  • There is no power disruption, hence no risk to the customer’s business. All our power is placed on the State Utility Grid and thus, the customer draws power from the Utility Grid.
  • Large customers be serviced by a dedicated Corporate Relationship Manager.
  • The only change would be to use a reliable, cleaner and greener electricity.

Growth In Generation Capacity