India is the 3rd largest annual wind power market in the world, and provides great business opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors. Wind energy generation capacity in India could more than quadruple to 89 Gigawatts by 2020 against 18 GW now, according to the India Wind Energy Outlook 2012.

The Indian wind power sector experienced record annual growth in 2011 with the addition of more than 3 GW of new installations. Diverse incentives supported by a long-term policy and regulatory framework at the central and state levels have played a crucial role in achieving this goal. Wind power is now increasingly accepted as a major complementary energy source for securing a sustainable and clean energy future for India.


PPS Enviro Power is on its way to becoming one of the leading Wind Power Generators in India and have commenced the plan by setting up Wind Parks in various high efficient wind zones. The Company has set up around 100 MW capacity through various Wind Parks including its 1st Wind Park Project of 5.7 MW Capacity and another one of 48 MW.

The Company has committed to invest US$ 150 Mn both through equity and debt in these projects out of which projects worth US$ 65 Mn are under progress and expected to be implemented in the early part of FY 2010-11. The Company has arrangements for Power Sale with State Utility Company as well as has commenced entering in to Power Purchased Agreements with Private Blue Chip Companies. The Company has also tied up with best in class manufacturers of machinery along with long term maintenence contract in order to ensure the best utilization of the machinery and high level of availability. The Company is also investing in state of the art technology for enabling efficient remote management of the facility.